Reasons Why you should Learn Game Development

You have been playing games on your mobile devices or on the console and now you want to know what it takes to be a game developer. Besides, you have this awesome idea for a game and now you want to learn game development in order to bring your ideas to life. In this article, I will share with you what it takes to be a game developer, the benefits of game development and where you can deploy your creation. But before we go too far here is a video of awesome games that will inspire you to create your own and if you like what you see I have provided the links to where you can find them so you can play and learn.

Benefits of learning game development

Game development offers you an opportunity to express yourself and demonstrate your creativity and imagination. Think of the creators of Angry Birds and how they exposed us to an odd world where the good birds are in an epic battle against the evil pigs. Thus, game development gives you an opportunity to share your ideas with the world.

Of course, there is money to be made from video games, lots of money! You have probably heard of all the success stories about those who have succeeded in building franchises around their games all this is possible because they developed the game in the first place.

Game development is a skill that easily translates into a trade. You can get employed to help in game development. Most people might have an idea but lack the skills to bring those ideas to life and that is where you will come in. Other than employment, you can always employ yourself and distribute your games independently through the many different marketplaces. By the way, the games covered in the video are all indie games meaning the developers worked in their individual capacity to build what you play. It will be awesome once you join the thriving community as a developer and work together to produce better games for the world.

What it takes

You will need to learn some computer languages in order to code games for the different platforms. C, C+, Java, Actionscript are among some of the languages you will need to understand.

There are also engines that help you along game development and some of those that come to mind include Unity, Game Maker Studio among other development engines.

There are plenty of game development tutorials online that will help you learn these languages and even show you how to work with the engines and you will be able to make playable games in no time. You also don’t have to learn all the languages because you can use a single language to create the game you want for different platforms and still ensure compatibility across them.

Once your game is complete you can monetize it in a variety of ways but first things first you will need to distribute your games and that is possible through the different marketplaces including Google play, Apple store, Steam among others.

Featured games links

Reasons why you should Learn App Development

So you want to become an app developer but you need a nudge in the right direction. There are plenty of ways you can achieve your goals. There are plenty of free resources online from Youtube to specific websites that have developed content specifically to teach people how to develop certain aspects of their applications. The app development community is also huge and they provide advice and free source codes to aid you in your development. Apart from free resources there are also paid resources where you enroll in a course where you are taught app development by a qualified instructor. Of

The app development community is also huge and they provide advice and free source codes to aid you in your development. Apart from free resources there are also paid resources where you enroll in a course where you are taught app development by a qualified instructor. Of course, there are benefits to each method but I believe if you are truly committed to the process then you can blend the two and reap the benefits.

Let me pause a bit and show you why you should venture into the world of app development. I have compiled a short video that shows you some of the most popular applications out there. Hope you are inspired to continue pursuing your dreams by the end of the video.

Okay, the video is done and it proves to you that you should not second guess yourself because opportunities abound in this industry. Here are three more reasons why you should forge ahead.

App development is a skill that can easily translate into a trade, which means you can exchange your skills for money. You can start developing applications for individuals and businesses and get paid for your work. You have the opportunity to work as a freelancer or get a full-time employment for your skills.

App development provides you with an opportunity to express your creativity and imagination. You can quickly bring your idea to life and share it with the world through the different marketplaces and platforms.

Learning to develop application does not require many resources. All you need is a computer the internet and some Softwares, which are mostly free and open source, to build your applications.

What does it take to be an app developer?

You will need to learn and master one or more computer languages in order to start building applications. I know there is a temptation to use drag drop software to develop your application, however, I must warn you that such software might limit your ability to create what you envisioned in the first place.

Thus, it is always best to get down and dirty and learn at least one computer language. Some of these languages include C+ and Java. You can do a quick search and discover what they are all about. Another thing, don’t fret about it; the languages are not as hard as they sound.

Learn the languages as you practice developing simple applications and you will be proficient in no time. You can tell I know something about what I am talking about. This is because I have managed to learn how to code and develop applications.

I first started by creating simple web-based applications before progressing to Android based application and so far I have created three working applications. I must say it was an awesome feeling to compile my first .apk and install it on my phone and that was back in 2014. I believe there are now more resources out there to help you in your quest to learn how to develop mobile applications.

Reasons Why you should Learn Web Development

Interested in becoming a web developer but don’t know where to start? Then you have landed on the right page. In this article, I will share with you important information to enable you to make the right decisions with regards to your entry into the web development sphere but before we go too far here is an inspirational video that captures some of the best web designs. Hopefully, in the near future, I will be covering your website in a similar video.

Why should you learn how to build websites? Is it the right option?

The benefits of learning how to develop websites are that you learn a skill that easily translates into a trade in our internet-first world.  Imagine all the ideas and businesses out there that would need your services now and in future. Web development is a thus a lucrative skill to have today. You can be employed or simply employ yourself.

You don’t need much to start learning how to build and develop websites. All you need is a computer connected to the internet. There are a variety of websites where you can learn how to develop websites. Youtube is a great example where you can learn. For more specialized or in-depth tutorials you can visit online sites where you will get an opportunity to learn under the tutelage of a professional developer in a virtual classroom setup. Additionally, you can also view the source file of any websites and generate ideas of how it was built.

Learning how to build websites will also come in handy down the road when you want to maybe start your own business. In such a situation, you will be able to develop a website that captures your interests because you will be the one doing it. Furthermore, you will not have to pay for the service especially when you need tweaks and changes after the initial build.

Web development provides you with an opportunity to demonstrate your creativity. People will get to see the website you developed and be mesmerized by the level of imagination displayed just like what is on the inspirational video.

The best part about being a web developer is that you have the opportunity to work remotely or from home. So imagine sitting in your dining room in your favorite shorts and flip flops hacking away at the keyboard developing something awesome for the world.

What do you need to know to develop awesome web designs?

You will need to learn HTML/5 and CSS to at least get you started building simple websites. There is a reason why you don’t want to use drag and drop software most of them will limit your development and creation.

In order to go deeper, you may need to learn Ajax, PHP, Javascript and more in order to build CMS websites such as Facebook where people need to log in and share files among other interactions. If you put your mind to it you can easily master these requirements, which will also help you tweak open source platforms like Drupal, WordPress, and Joomla and extend their functionalities.