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Gun Control: A Policy on the Need to Institute Mandatory Civilian Gun Registration

Gun Control: A Policy on the Need to Institute Mandatory Civilian Gun Registration Introduction The law in the United States does not explicitly require records of acquisition, possession and transfer of privately firearms be made in an official register. In case of a firearm related crime the law enforcement agents have to rely on tracing … Continue reading


New Terror Laws

The Military Commissions Act (MCA) signed by President Bush in 2006 was part of the War against Terror program. The Act was viewed as instrumental by its supporters as it was aimed at setting the procedures of dealing with unlawful enemy combatants (Elsea, 2014). The Act was a response by the Bush administration with regards … Continue reading


Comparison between prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells

Similarities and differences between prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells Prokaryotic cells do not have a membrane that binds other membrane bound cell organelles such as the nucleus and mitochondria. Eukaryotic cells, on the other hand, have membranes that bind other membrane bound cell organelles such as the nucleus and Golgi apparatus. In essence, prokaryotic cells don’t … Continue reading


Factors that Limit the Sovereignty of South Africa

Sovereignty refers to a nation’s ability to govern itself without interference from external sources and it is on this basis that states are founded. Colonialism interfered with this status and strangers usurped authority from pre-existing local structures. They established governing institutions to administrate the local polity. External administration was oppressive and this led to the … Continue reading



Malaria is an infectious disease spread by the Anopheles mosquito (Garner, 2000). This dreadful ailment has afflicted mankind for eons and continues to pose a tremendous threat to human life (B. Cunha and A. Cunha, 2008, p. 194).The first acknowledged information on the symptoms of malaria appeared in the Nei Ching around 2700 BC and … Continue reading



DEATH PENALTY IN THE USA SHOULD BE ABOLISHED Capital punishment has existed for many centuries and goes back to the 18th century BC during which the first death sentence law got its inception in Babylon (“The Death Penalty” 1). America, during its colonization by the Europeans, inherited this practice and George Kendall became the first … Continue reading


There is No Hope of Doing Perfect Research (griffiths, 1998, p97). Do You Agree?

Research is defined as a decisive and careful hunt for answers and explanations to problems that affect human beings. Research is a product of inquisitiveness which is sustained by the strong will to find out the truth and advance our ways of doing things. It provides mankind with an opportunity to development (Van Dalen 1). … Continue reading


The Ransom of Red Chief by O. Henry: The irony in the reply by Ebenezer Dorset to Bill and Sam the kidnappers

It looked like a good thing: but wait till I tell you. We were down South, in Alabama–Bill Driscoll and myself-when this kidnapping idea struck us. It was, as Bill afterward expressed it, ‘during a moment of temporary mental apparition’; but we didn’t find that out till later. There was a town down there, as … Continue reading


Inchcape Rock from Robert Southey’s Minor Poems, Vol. III p.148

Inchcape Rock No stir in the air, no stir in the sea, The Ship was still as she could be; Her sails from heaven received no motion, Her keel was steady in the ocean. Without either sign or sound of their shock, The waves flow’d over the Inchcape Rock; So little they rose, so little … Continue reading


MBA coursework submission as regards Business Law Text and Cases by Clarkson, Miller and Cross 13th Edition

Submission 1 Larry failed to reject the goods within a reasonable amount of time after delivery and he failed to notify Crayzee Toys in a timely manner so acceptance was presumed (Clarkson, Miller, Cross 2015). Larry will not get his free whoopee cushions. Green Thumb delivered and planted about half of the requested material. Ellen … Continue reading


Night by Elie Wiesel: Eliezer’s Struggle to Keep His Faith in God

Night by Elie Wiesel is an account of the events that occurred during the holocaust. Wiesel recounts his personal interaction with these events through Eliezer the narrator in the book. Eliezer becomes the character representing Wiesel though with slight differences in the actual events. Night narrates the situation that faced Hungarian Jews who had not … Continue reading


Illegal Immigrants Should Receive Social Services

Illegal Immigrants Should Receive Social Services Immigration remains an emotive and a highly debated topic among the American community. While their numbers grow the issue of containment through withholding social services always crops up. There is a general belief among those who seek to deny these services to illegal immigrants that it would deter them … Continue reading


Literature Review, Conceptual Framework and Theoretical Framework: How to write the chapter two of your research study

Literature review What is literature review? It involves methodical classification, location and study of documents/material containing information associated with the research problem being examined. Why should we conduct literature review when conducting research? Disclose what approaches, activities and instruments have been established to be handy in examining the problem under study Literature review will recommend … Continue reading


Rock n’ Roll its impact on modern culture and politics (breaking down racial barriers)

The arrival of rock n’ roll as a musical genre in the 1950s changed much of the American society. The music genre was basically aimed at breaking down social barriers and changing the peoples’ way of thinking. Rock n’ roll was established through the fusion of Black music (blues, jazz, gospel, boogie woogie and jump) … Continue reading


Ku Klux Clan Act of 1871

Ku Klux Klan refers to three different movements that occurred in American history. The first of these movements started with the aim of stifling the Republican governments. Their objective was to reverse the rights of African Americans and freed slaves back to the Pre Reconstruction Period. They employed violence and intimidation against the African Americans … Continue reading



White collar crime is characterized by devastating financial losses for the victims or entities affected. It occurs in business and government institutions and is perpetrated by groups and individuals in their quest to make money and generate wealth albeit illegally. The Federal Bureau of Investigations has in a nutshell defined it as “Lying, cheating and … Continue reading


Todd’s humiliation in flying home by Ralph Ellison

Todd’s girlfriend feels humiliation for him because although he is a trained pilot he has not been deployed to active combat. She thinks the whites are just purporting to work with them but in reality they have no plans of using skills learned by the Blacks. She urges him not to think much about the … Continue reading


The frog and the nightingale by Vikram Seth summary

In this poem by Vikram Seth, the author gives a story about a frog and a nightingale. The frog lived in a Bingle Bog and croaked every night. The other animals in the forest did not like its voice and all perceived it as a nuisance “Other creatures loathed his voice”. The other animals tried … Continue reading


American Declaration of Independence July 4, 1776 study guide

On July 4, 1776 thirteen United States of America made a unanimous Declaration of Independence in Congress. 56 representatives of the United States of America, present in General Congress made this public declaration of their intentions and signed the Declaration document. The draft document was prepared by Thomas Jefferson between June 11 and 28th of … Continue reading


The United States Constitution and the Bill of Rights

The United States Constitution came into force in 1789 and is made up of seven articles that form the supreme law of the United States of America. The first three articles talk about separation of powers between the three arms of government namely the executive, legislature and the judiciary. The executive holds the office of … Continue reading


Similarities and differences between democracy and monarchy

Even though a monarchy and democracy are both forms of government as well as political systems, they differ significantly. First and foremost, a monarchy is a form of government whereby citizens are ruled by a king, queen, or emperor whereby a democracy is a form of government made by the people. In a monarchy, the … Continue reading


Technology and Personal Contact

Man has continued to evolve over the years from the Stone Age to the current information age which features vast advancement in information technology. The digital age has brought with it cell phones which later evolved to smart phones, smart television, social media and the internet in general. People currently are constantly engaged with their … Continue reading


Research project and Dissertation Guide for American Universities and Colleges

Using the scientific method the researcher seeks to build an accurate representation of the world. In this respect the researcher needs to follow the following principles: Direct observation of events Clearly defined variables, methods, and procedures Empirically testable hypotheses Ability to rule out rival hypotheses Statistical justification of conclusions Self-correcting process The researcher will seek … Continue reading


Effective business communication

In this section I will address skills that are required to communicate effectively within a business environment. Listening skills in business communication Pay attention and listen Don’t let your mind wander when you are engaged in a conversation. Find a way to ensure that your attention is directed to the other person and what they … Continue reading

Internet Gambling is Safe

Internet Gambling is Safe Internet gambling has grown to be a multi-billion dollar venture with a bulk of Americans confessing to having engaged and enjoyed gambling at least once. According to Minton, the number of Americans who participate in online gambling is ever escalating.  Generally, the United States permits gambling for the sake of obtaining … Continue reading


International Tourism, Terrorism and Recession

International tourism in relation to terrorism and world economic recession Since time in memorial, people have traveled beyond their borders for various reasons such as military expeditions, trade and even discovery. It was through such travel that people became conscious of the endless possibilities that lie beyond their boundaries that they knew not about. However, … Continue reading



Night Watching As my eyelids part, the only visible thing amid the pitch darkness is the blurry light from my digital alarm clock on top of my study desk. The all too familiar throbbing migraine that has already set in is making me sick to my stomach as I struggle to make out what time … Continue reading


Impacts of Climate Change

  Impacts of Climate Change The climate change issue has become one of major concern to the human race especially in the recent decades. A host of experts from different fields have indulged in rigorous scientific studies in an attempt to yield lasting solutions in the face of the imminent danger posed by climate change … Continue reading


Home Medicals

  Home Medicals The term medical home is used interchangeably with another term, Patient-Centered Medical Home to refer to a medical care approach which is gaining popularity with more people because it is cost-effective and ensures provision of high quality care. According to American College of Physicians, ‘A Patient-Centered Medical Home is a team-based model … Continue reading


Holland’s Personality Types in Action

  Author: Rispa Akello Date: 1st March 2013 Holland’s Personality Types in Action John Holland, a psychologist and professor at Johns Hopkins University dedicated his career to studies investigating people’s career choices and job satisfaction. He came up with the John Holland’s theory of career choice, as well as assessment tests to aid people in … Continue reading



about happiness Even though there isn’t a single universal definition of what happiness is, there are cross-cutting similarities among people as to what the concept of happiness entails. Some researchers have however dismissed the claims that happiness can be understood from a general perspective and instead suggested that its experience is not only subjective but … Continue reading


Effects of Globalization

  Effects of Globalization Globalization is the increase in transactions and interactions with regards to money, goods, persons, cultures, symbols and signs on a global level. This phenomenon is inclusive but not limited to the movement of capital, merchandise, money and culture but knowledge, information and people as well. According to Appadurai, there are five … Continue reading


The impact of global warming on the environment

  The impact of global warming on the environment Global warming has brought about adverse effects to the environment and these effects have in turn generated much concern because they have the potential to alter biological systems. This paper describes how global warming has had a significant effect on the development and establishment of animal … Continue reading


Free Press: Violent Content Regulation

  Free Press: Violent Content Regulation HISTORIC BACKGROUND OF THE FIGHT FOR FREEDOM OF SPEECH BY THE MEDIA Before the First World War, Americans took matters to do with freedom of speech lightly. The first amendment, adopted in the year 1791, provided for freedoms of expression and religion. The freedom of expression was a compound … Continue reading


How Globalization has Affected South Africa

  Author: Rispa Akello, Mar 1, 2013 @ 15:02 How Globalization has Affected South Africa Since its inception in the dictionary, the term globalization had many interpretations with regards to meaning. Watson, has defined globalization from a cultural perspective as “the process by which the experience of everyday life, marked by the diffusion of commodities … Continue reading


Benefits of Recycling Paper

Benefits of Recycling Paper Introduction Recycling is basically the alteration of waste materials into reusable product. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in a report estimated that 30% of solid wastes in America are recycled. Fifty five per cent of these wastes are channeled into landfills while another 15 per cent is channeled into incinerators. Man … Continue reading


A cross-cultural comparison of the role of symbols on human behavior

[If you need to use this work as part of your own research don’t forget to cite us appropriately or just drop a comment below and ask for directions on how to cite this work.] A cross-cultural comparison of the role of symbols on human behavior Man is named as the only being that broadly … Continue reading


Computers in an Information Society

  Computers in an Information Society The developments in information technology have revolutionized the ways in which information is transmitted and the impact this information has on people globally. Such impacts are not only experienced in the social sphere, but economic and political spheres as well. The internet has created a platform through which information … Continue reading


Cigarette Smoking

  Smoking Cigarettes Cigarette smoking has been ranked as a leading cause of death in America accounting for one in every five instances of death. Approximately 440 000 people die annually in the United States as a result of tobacco related illnesses. The fatalities resulting from cigarette smoking are said to be more than those … Continue reading


Christmas with Jews

  My Christmas with a Jewish Family For many like me who identify with the Christian faith, the Christmas period and in particular Christmas day is extremely monumental. This is because on this day, Jesus the Messiah was borne. In its commemoration therefore, Christians traditionally celebrate Christmas day by feasting and exchanging gifts. A typical … Continue reading


Business Ethics

  Business Ethics The Siemens AG scandal that occurred in 2008 due to unethical behavior between the company and the Greece government, the unethical behavior exhibited involved bribery and corruption between the two parties in their dealings. The company is said to have offered bribes estimated to have been around 100 million Euros to the … Continue reading


Bullfighting is Animal Cruelty

Bullfighting is Animal Cruelty Bull fighting is practiced across the world and draws its origin from the Spanish culture. It entails letting one or more bulls into a ring, baiting them and finally killing them in front of a crowd. The very first bull fight occurred in 711 A. D during the crowning ceremony of … Continue reading


Brazil Culture and Cuisine

Brazil Culture and Cuisine Brazil is ranked fifth worldwide and first in South America in terms of country size. It is divided into five regions; Northern region also known as Norte, the Northeast region or Nordeste, the Central west region also referred to as Centro-Oeste, the Southeast region referred to as the Sudeste and the … Continue reading


Age of Lincoln

[If you need to use this work as part of your own research don’t forget to cite us appropriately or just drop a comment below and ask for directions on how to cite this work.] Book Review on the Age of Lincoln In this book the author gives an in-depth description of America in the … Continue reading


Technology and Change

  Blog on Technology and Change In 2010, Mumbai suffered an oil spill along its coast which affected its beach when the oil contaminated the sand. A professor from IIT-Bombay developed technology geared towards separating the oil that had contaminated the sand using movable machinery. IIT went ahead to present the technology for use by … Continue reading


Behavioral Self-Management

[If you need to use this work as part of your own research don’t forget to cite us appropriately or just drop a comment below and ask for directions on how to cite this work.] Behavioral Self-Management The target behavior that I tried to modify was my addiction to junk food. My selection of this … Continue reading


Beauty Perfection

[If you need to use this work as part of your own research don’t forget to cite us appropriately or just drop a comment below and ask for directions on how to cite this work.]  Advertiser’s Negative Depiction of Women Jean Kilbourne is worldly acclaimed for her major contributions towards how advertising depicts women. In … Continue reading


AOL and Online Competition

[If you need to use this work as part of your own research don’t forget to cite us appropriately or just drop a comment below and ask for directions on how to cite this work.] AOL Introduction AOL was created in 1985 and its core business was to sell software for Commodore computers. It later … Continue reading


Anti-Human Trafficking

[If you need to use this work as part of your own research don’t forget to cite us appropriately or just drop a comment below and ask for directions on how to cite this work.] (Sample college essay) Anti-Human Trafficking United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime perceives human trafficking to be a crime against … Continue reading


How Does Society Tell Us We Fit In?

  How Does Society Tell Us We Fit In? “It is, in the end, the saving of the lives that we writers are about.” Alice Walker means that there is a sort of spiritual connection between writers and the characters they portray in their literary work. The live saving agenda on the part of the … Continue reading



PETROLEUM GEOLOGY Shale gas is a type of natural gas which is obtained from a rock known as the shale rock whose deposits is found underground. In the recent past, shale gas has continued to grow in popularity as a non-conventional energy source around the world as compared to coal and other energy sources. Its … Continue reading



Socio political and economic environment Better understanding of our collective culture and shared humanity helps us become better stewards of a global future by; Being committed to serve as global citizens because our understanding of the diverse cultures and being members of the human race it is our responsibility to ensure that we work towards … Continue reading



Woman on Screen Introduction Johnny Farrell narrates the plot in the film he is an American in Argentina and a gambler. Johnny wins a large sum of money one day but is attacked by thugs, he survives after being helped by a stranger, Ballin Mudson who informs him of a classy casino which is involved … Continue reading



Suicide The number of people who die annually through suicide is estimated to be at least 30,000 and that of individuals who make an attempt at suicide is 650,000. It has been ranked as the eleventh most common cause of mortality within the general population and the third most common cause of death among teenagers … Continue reading



Children of Divorced Parents The topic on divorce is popular throughout the world and according to Galston, in United States as the case for the rest of the world; the rate of divorce is estimated to be at 50%. The current national divorce rate has its roots back in the 1970’s when the divorce instances … Continue reading



The American Red Cross Both the Hurricane Katrina and the September 11 terrorist attacks incidents had negative implications on ARC’s benefits of business ethics. There lacked commitment on the part of employees and volunteers to the policies and regulations institutionalized to govern the running of the organization. This was as a result of American Red … Continue reading



Benefits of SEO to your articles TAGS: SEO, benefits of SEO, SEO articles In order for an article to reach a wide audience, it is essential that it is made easily accessible by the search engine. In my previous article, I have discussed a step-by-step guide on how to SEO articles. For an article to … Continue reading



How to SEO articles If you are an article writer with years of experience or just beginning, you will need to know how to SEO your articles. Most of us have heard about SEO, this simply means search engine optimization. This is the way search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing get to rank … Continue reading



Class Distinction (Wells and Swift) In the book, a modest proposal, the writer believes that there is a need to control populations to alleviate poverty. He has placed the people of that place into two classes the rich and the poor the later is believed to be the main contributor to the increased poverty levels … Continue reading



The Role of Social Media’s Influence (Twitter, Facebook, and Youtube) In Activism and Revolution on The World Stage. Introduction Social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Youtube have changed the way people relate all across the globe. The networks have improved information sharing on vast areas by significantly reducing the barriers of communication. People from … Continue reading


HEALTH CARE ISSUES in the UNITED STATES The effects of behavior on health can be viewed with what type of behavior an individual exhibits in the different stages of life. An aging individual will exhibit behaviors which will impact on their health differently from behaviors exhibited by an adolescent. These behaviors will also differ among … Continue reading



Play an Integral Part of Early Learning Play is an integral part of child development and learning. Through play, a holistic form of development is attained that comprises of physical – attained through development of their motor skills exhibited through movement of their body, cognitive and symbolic – attained through acquiring knowledge and making inputs … Continue reading



“Against Prediction” Introduction Ernest Burgess formulated a 21 factor test in the 1920’s whose aim was to predict the success or failure of inmates’ paroles. Years later, this method, that spear-headed the use of actuarial method in criminal justice was adopted specifically to decide on parole and was known as the “Burgess method”. Over the … Continue reading