How to SEO articles

If you are an article writer with years of experience or just beginning, you will need to know how to SEO your articles. Most of us have heard about SEO, this simply means search engine optimization. This is the way search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing get to rank your article when articles of a particular type are searched through them. It is every writer’s dream to feature among the top in ranking during the search because this comes with benefits which I will explain later articles. There are numerous ways to do this and better methods are developed every single day so it is beneficial to keep checking and I will be sure to update you. SEO can be developed as a tool which could be highly beneficial if used properly or can be a total nightmare if implemented poorly and one of the worst nightmares is when your article attracts negative appeal from the search engines.

Using Keywords to SEO

Most of you have probably heard the term “keyword” used in web based article writing. A keyword is simply a word or a phrase used predominantly in your article. It will most likely appear in your title or subtitle. The keyword is usually used by the search engines to tag or identify your article on the internet. The keyword allows the search engines to rank your article depending on how well this keyword is used in the article and how competitive or popular it is among internet users.

Articles can have two types of keywords used during writing the “Main keyword” and the “Secondary keyword”. The main keyword should appear in the title, the first paragraph and the last paragraph to make it easier for the search engines to notice the type or content of your article. The secondary keyword, which is made up, of the word or phrase used in the main keyword can be used sparingly in the article. It can be used to form the subtopic if you have one in the article and can appear once or twice in the body of the article depending on the length. The keywords should be used seamlessly within the article and should not disrupt the flow. Some writers have tried to increase the number of times the keywords appear in their articles by placing them everywhere in their article and even using invisible font color to disguise the keywords to improve on SEO of their articles. This is a technique known as “stuffing” and will bring one a lot of trouble with the search engines which use software capable of detecting this and rejecting the entire article.

I hope this article gives you the necessary insight on how to SEO your articles and dominate your area of expertise. I will do more research and keep you posted on the latest techniques developed and used to SEO your articles. Use the Google Adwords- Keyword tool for keyword suggestions.

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Author: Timothy Mbiti

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