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Ku Klux Clan Act of 1871

Ku Klux Klan refers to three different movements that occurred in American history. The first of these movements started with the aim of stifling the Republican governments. Their objective was to reverse the rights of African Americans and freed slaves back to the Pre Reconstruction Period. They employed violence and intimidation against the African Americans especially in the South where the Klan was dominant. The state of fear was being directed by the clan towards Republican leaders both whites and blacks, since they were seen to support freedmen enfranchisement. Laws were passed to restrain the Klan’s activities but they continued with their pursuit of white supremacy agenda. The Klan targeted black leaders who had assumed office, racism and violence forced the South to seek help from Congress, leading to the enactment of the Ku Klux Clan Act of 1871. This act was aimed at outlining some of the Klan’s activities as federal offences to provide a clear framework for prosecution.

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