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Rock n’ Roll its impact on modern culture and politics (breaking down racial barriers)

The arrival of rock n’ roll as a musical genre in the 1950s changed much of the American society. The music genre was basically aimed at breaking down social barriers and changing the peoples’ way of thinking. Rock n’ roll was established through the fusion of Black music (blues, jazz, gospel, boogie woogie and jump) with elements of western musical styles. This combination brought forth an electrifying genre to the music scene supported by dance-able beats. This saw both white and black youths sharing the dance floor and even developing relations, drastically changing the social scene especially with regards to racism. The musical style prompted discussions about sensitive topics such as sex, politics and personal identity within the society. These discussions lead to increasing criticism against the style, with most of the critics and the older generation asserting that the genre promoted social rebellion and teenage delinquency.

Rock n’ roll began to challenge both cultural and political authority directly by establishing biracial groups that fought against social inequality and injustice. Dissenting voices and even some of the performers had an opportunity through music to speak up and be heard by the masses.



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