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Similarities and differences between democracy and monarchy

Even though a monarchy and democracy are both forms of government as well as political systems, they differ significantly. First and foremost, a monarchy is a form of government whereby citizens are ruled by a king, queen, or emperor whereby a democracy is a form of government made by the people. In a monarchy, the crown is hereditary and is passed down from one generation to another whereas in a democracy, citizens vote their representatives through free and fare elections. Also, in an absolute monarchy, supreme power is held by the monarch but in a democracy power is both held and exercised by the people either directly or through their duly elected representatives. In addition to that, a monarchy allows for a life time rule through the passing of the crown down family line contrary to a democracy where government representatives are allowed to serve for a stipulated duration of time after which elections are held. With regards to rights and freedoms, democracy guarantees citizens their freedoms and rights as enshrined in the constitution but this may not be the case in a monarchy as the monarch may decide on citizen’s behalf.

The similarities of a monarchy and a democracy is that they are both institutions of authority and are charged with the responsibility of managing their populations. In this regard, they both drive the development of law and legal procedures. They manage their territories resources and their allocation. A monarchy and democratic government are both in-charge of their territory’s internal and external security and maintenance of the integrity of their borders.

Author: Rispa Akello


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