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Todd’s humiliation in flying home by Ralph Ellison

Todd’s girlfriend feels humiliation for him because although he is a trained pilot he has not been deployed to active combat. She thinks the whites are just purporting to work with them but in reality they have no plans of using skills learned by the Blacks. She urges him not to think much about the claims that blacks are intellectually inferior.

“I sometimes think they’re playing a trick on us. It’s very humiliating,”

“They keep beating that dead horse because they don’t want to say why you boys are not yet fighting”

Todd however sees the humiliation differently in that he feels humiliated because the whites have a sense of rejection towards him as a person. They don’t believe he can deliver or even do better that other whites at his level. Todd sees himself being measured against his entire community and all the bias leveled against them also applies to him. He was trying to prove the whites wrong, but the issue that weighed heavy on his head was his mistakes would only go to prove them right. By going to flight school he was attempting to both run away from the prejudice against his community and at the same time gain acceptance from the whites.

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